24 March 2007

Nakorn Payap - Making a difference in the Community

We had been looking forward to this day for so long. Previously, Yu from Roots & Shoots at Nakorn Payap International School (NIS), had asked Care for Dogs how they could help dogs and our group.

Karin & I visited them and gave a presentation of some of the issues facing dogs in Chiang Mai and explained Care for Dogs (Cfd) objectives and talked about the work we do. It was a lot of information and Karin & I were scared that we would frighten them off with the gory stories, the sad plight of some of the creatures we meet and the enormity of the work involved.

But to the contrary. They bit our hand off!! Yu and colleagues arranged for various fund raising events at the school and collected money by way of donations, sold items that we provided for sale and placed our information stand & wall board at prominent positions within the school, raising peoples awareness of the drive by the club to promote Cfd.

Roots & Shoots then wanted to spend some time at the shelter, meet the dogs and deliver food, chews, toys, shampoo and whole lot of money, over 9,000 baht !!! Thank you Roots & Shoots.

This will fund 11 Sterilisations.

It was a wonderful morning of doggy happiness. Another volunteer Carolyn organised the dogs getting out & being walked through a nearby orchard and enjoying freedom for a while. Teresa, another volunteer, motivated the students into a lathering session, showering some long haired characters and giving a well deserved grooming to as many as they could in the time. Because of the dogs playfulness, some students had a shower too!!

Karin demonstrated vaccinations and involved Miss Elissa, one of the teachers, giving the injections and I talked my head off, telling folks about the stories behind the residents and explaining some of the behaviours that would possibly otherwise remain misunderstood.

Towards the end of the visit, we unleashed the hidden jewells, young adoptable pups, so sweet smelling and so eager for a warm cuddle and show of affection from anyone that will love them.

Mr Troy was busy with his camera and I eagerly await to see some of those happy snaps. Perhaps he will let me load a few here.

Also joining us today was a new volunteer from England, staying in Chiang Mai for a month and wanting to get involved with some hands on activity.

I took a few pics while I had my hands empty, I hope you can share in the days happiness.
There will be another post in my diary as soon as the other folks let me have their pics (Was that a subtle enough reminder?)

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